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What our clients say

"Michal is an excellent teacher! We were at the point where our daughter was about to quit learning how to play the piano; however, recently she started taking lessons with Michal and our house is filled now with beautiful piano songs every day! We would like to congratulate Michal on the effectiveness of her teaching style! We also encourage parents looking for a great piano teacher to come to Belmont Piano Academy!"

Monica L. -Facebook Review

"My 8 year old son has been taking lessons with "Ms. Michal" for nearly 8 months and his lesson remains a highlight of his week. Michal is a great teacher who is effective at both motivating him and challenging him to progress -- which he has. As a parent, I love her responsiveness, and her modern approach to piano, which incorporates apps and remote practice monitoring to supplement the in person teach. I also love how she incorporates music history into her curriculum, which really has increased my son's appreciation of different composers and the pieces he's playing. She's GREAT and I could not recommend her more if you are looking for a piano teacher!"

Lynne B. -Facebook Review

"Michal is a fantastic piano teacher! She encourages and challenges my daughter with pieces that she carefully selects for her. She puts a great deal of planning into each lesson and the knowledge and skills gained by my daughter in less than one year of lessons is incredible!"

Emily B. -Facebook Review

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What Makes Us Different
  • The goal of Belmont Piano Academy is to provide a well-rounded and engaging music education that will develop a lifelong love of music in young piano students. It is so important to connect with each student, getting to know each of them on a personal level, and helping to nurture that creative spark. Whether it is by learning the Starwars theme song, or a Bach Prelude, Rachmaninoff Etude, or a Coldplay ballade, it is our mission to help these young musicians thrive at the piano.

How will I know if my child will enjoy lessons at Belmont Piano Academy?
  • Please come take advantage of a free lesson! Regardless of whether your child has any prior experience with piano, we will spend some time playing and talking about their goals for piano lessons.

What is included in lessons at Belmont Piano Academy?
  • Fall and Spring Semester lessons, 15 weeks of lessons per semester
  • Optional Summer lessons
  • Custom designed lesson plans geared towards the goals of each individual student
  • Four group lessons per year
  • IPad lab with the latest educational music apps
  • All method books, theory books, repertoire pieces, sight reading, rhythm and aural skill worksheets
  • Metronome, book bag, music flashcards, etc.
  • Participation in an annual recital
  • Access to a studio swap list and FaceTime/Skype lessons, if a student needs to miss a session
  • Practice support through the week with Practicia mobile app
Who are the students of Belmont Piano Academy?
  • Lessons are offered to children ages 5 to 18, from new beginners who have never tried the instrument, to those with several years of advanced piano experience. Several of Michal's private students are first place prizewinners in the American Guild of Music.
Where are lessons held?
  • Belmont Piano Academy is located at 241A Belmont St, Belmont, Massachusetts. Belmont Piano Academy is also very close to Cambridge, Watertown, Waltham, Newton, and Arlington. Plenty of free parking is available. There is a waiting room where family and friends may wait comfortably during piano lessons.
How much do piano lessons cost at Belmont Piano Academy?
  • Semester tuition (15 lessons, 2 group lessons, materials, practice support) = $1300/student